Leicester’s new A&E / ED department


Today at 7pm the Balmoral Building at LRI (main entrance) will close permanently so access to A&E/Balmoral will not be possible.

Here’s a new map of the LRI site, with directions to both Adult & Children’s ED.

You can see the new department online at Leicester Mercury.

Watch: First look around Leicester’s £48 million emergency department


New £48 million emergency department in Leicester opens its doors to patients – live updates


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Corbyn’s NHS pay pledge is a lifeline for all of us, not just health staff #GE2017

Corbyn’s NHS pay pledge is a lifeline for all of us, not just health staff #GE2017


Labour’s newly-announced pledge to remove the NHS pay cap and reinstate the bursary for nursing students is that rarest of things – a promise from a party leader who can be trusted and that’s exactly in line with his principles.

It’s also a desperately needed lifeline for hard-pressed health staff who have spent the last seven years desperately trying to prevent the NHS collapsing while the Tories hacked the ground from beneath their feet and thanked them by reducing their real-terms pay-packets with a derisory 1% pay rise if they were lucky.

Every year.

busy nurse.pngOf course, Tories and their predictable media glove puppets are immediately pouring water on the promise and asking how it’s going to be paid for – taking us all for fools.

There’s always cash for corporate tax cuts.

There’s always cash for nukes.

There’s always cash for inheritance-tax cuts and high-speed rail lines that…

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Labour And The Left Simply Do Not ‘Get’ Patriotism, And Their Patron Saints Holiday Proposal Proves It

Semi-Partisan Politics

UK Britain Patron Saints

The Labour Party’s genius plan to “unite the nation” by further Balkanising the United Kingdom

The Labour Party and the British Left in general just don’t get it. With the honourable exception of a few Cassandra-like voices warning that the Left must learn to re-embrace patriotism in order to reconnect with millions of lost voters, most on the Left seem intent on screeching “multiculturalism” at the top of their lungs until the United Kingdom (and even its constituent parts) are nothing more than historic entries in an encyclopaedia.

Labour’s latest great initiative is to create four new public holidays celebrating the individual patron saints of the four home nations. From the HuffPost:

A Labour government will seek to create four new UK-wide bank holidays on the patron saint’s day of each of the home nations, Jeremy Corbyn has announced.

The Labour leader said the move would bring together…

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Full Details Of Motability Scheme For Claimants Appealing A DLA To PIP Decision

Same Difference

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

More details of the arrangements to allow claimants to keep their Motability vehicles whilst appealing a disability living allowance (DLA) to personal independence payment (PIP) decision have now been published.

Last week we reported that Penny Mordaunt, Minister of State for Disabled People, had announced a scheme to allow DLA to PIP claimants who lose their right to a Motability vehicle to keep it whilst appealing the decision.

At that time, no details of how much of the transitional payment claimants would lose if they kept their vehicles was made public.

Payments whilst challenging a decision
The full details have now been provided by Motability, as follows.

For claimants who joined the Motability scheme before 2013 and return the car within eight weeks, £2,000 will be available. Alternatively you can choose to keep the vehicle for 26 weeks, however in this case you…

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Theresa May’s ‘preventing tourism’ is NOT her first tongue-slip of campaign

Theresa May’s ‘preventing tourism’ is NOT her first tongue-slip of campaign


tank on lawnAn actual tank on an actual lawn

On Tuesday in Wales, Theresa May told her specially-invited audience that she wants the UK to become,

world leaders in preventing tourism.

Since a large part of the Welsh economy depends on tourism, this was a significant gaffe. Presumably she meant ‘terrorism’. If only she meant ‘toryism’.

Those media outlets that have reported the ‘foot in mouth’ moment have tended to refer to it as the first slip of the tongue of her campaign, but this is completely untrue. A week ago she committed a far longer and more nonsensical slip when she said she would be:

out there campaigning, in every part of the United Kingdom

when clearly what she meant to say was,

I’ll appear in a handful of private clubs and factories where the employees have been told not to talk to anyone about my speech.

Which is quite a…

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The day I met Jeremy Corbyn

Fear and loathing in Great Britain


Have you noticed how alike Jeremy Corbyn and Ken Loach are? Both are somewhat reticent, unassuming people, plain speaking, with no airs and graces and utterly lacking in pomposity. That said, it would be a grave mistake to think of either man as weak, they are both robust in their views and deeply experienced in their chosen courses in life.

In a world dominated by the culture of celebrity, in which the desire to be famous is more important than having anything of substance to offer, what the world needs more than ever is substance, a three course home cooked meal instead of a take-out burger and fries.

One of the accusations against Corbyn is that he is not Prime Minister material and I wonder what that means? Perhaps David Cameron and Theresa May might look like Prime Minister material (if you like that sort of thing), but that is…

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