Protection for the little ones…

via Protection for the little ones…

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Protection for the little ones…

World Animals Voice

So the little creature can quietly sleep, one wakes up with responsibility and love for him.

Best regards to all, Venus

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It’s now official – poverty is UK Government policy

scottish unemployed workers' network


The UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights has published his statement following his visit to the UK, and he hasn’t pulled his punches. He doesn’t say anything that has not been said before, but he can speak with an authority others can’t command. The trouble is that the UN has no powers to make the UK shift course. If they had, I have a feeling that that this sort of report wouldn’t be allowed to be written.

After setting out evidence of the appalling growth and extent of poverty in the UK, Professor Alston concludes that:

poverty is a political choice. Austerity could easily have spared the poor, if the political will had existed to do so. Resources were available to the Treasury at the last budget that could have transformed the situation of millions of people living in poverty, but the political choice was made to…

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62 year old woman faces losing home because of unfair and pointless welfare sanction

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b584A 62-year-old woman says that she’s been forced to leave her home after the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) sanctioned her – cut her benefits – for turning up late for a meeting.

Faith Hurford, from Hillesley near Stroud, who suffers with a range of medical conditions that haven’t been disclosed, says the benefit sanction means she is unable to afford the rent and has to move away from her home because of the DWP’s callous and unfair decision.

The Stroud News and Journal reports that despite her health problems, Faith had to travel a staggering 15 miles (one way) to attend a meeting about her Universal Credit claim in Stroud.

Due to heat, the sheer distance she had to cycle, as well as her chronic health issues, Faith was forced to stop and take a break at a Sainbury’s store to recover her energy, before continuing the arduous…

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Select Committee launch inquiry into ‘effectiveness of welfare system’ as UN rapporteur condemns Conservative policies

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Image result for philip alstonThe Work and Pensions Select Committee have launched  an inquiry into ‘effectiveness of welfare system.’ The Committee say the inquiry was lanched as the UN’s Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty makes an investigative visit to the UK, and it will consider how effectively our welfare system works to protect against hardship and chronic deprivation.

The Committee say that the UK’s welfare system is currently undergoing fundamental reform, in the transition to Universal Credit alongside other major and largely untested reforms like benefit sanctions and the benefit cap. 

The Committee’s latest work on Universal Credit examined how Government will (or won’t) safeguard some of the most vulnerable members of our society as it implements this huge programme of change.

After the recent Budget, Members from across the House expressed concerns on this issue, including some senior MPs telling the Government that continuing the freeze on benefits in place since 2010 was “immoral”.

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Universal Credit is a ‘serious threat to public health’ say public health researchers

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UCSome citizens in the UK have ended up in an unprecedented and darkly absurd position of having to explain and prove over and over to a cruel and harmful government that their cruel and harmful policies are cruel are harmful.

Research has verified that Conservative welfare policies are damaging, yet the government simply denies this is the case.

New research for Gateshead council highlights that Universal Credit, another cruel and harmful policy, is detrimental to peoples’ mental health, because it increases depression and anxiety. 

Public health researchers say that Universal credit has become a serious threat to public health after the study revealed that the stress of coping with the new benefits system had so profoundly affected peoples’ mental health that some considered suicide.

The researchers found overwhelmingly negative experiences among vulnerable citizens claiming Universal Credit, including high levels of anxiety and depression, as well as physical problems and social…

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National HIV Testing Week


As the UK marks National HIV Testing Week and World AIDS
day, LASS joins with De Montfort University to help reduce the number of people
being diagnosed late with HIV by offering free, confidential HIV tests every
day on campus at DMU and weekly, after HIV testing week on a permanent basis.

HIV is no longer a life threatening condition, the earlier it
is detected the easier it is to manage and get treated- which also makes the
risk of passing on the virus to others much lower. In fact, a person living with HIV who has an
undetectable viral load does not transmit the virus to their partners.

Leicester has the highest rate of late diagnosis of HIV in
the East Midlands (56.9%). The average late diagnoses rate for England is

LASS pledges to:

  • Making HIV testing easier to access and
    available in a variety of settings across…

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