At the point of exercising the, much vaunted, “Parental Choice” in school selection we opted for a local school that our son could walk to.  Two schools met that criteria.  Both held open evenings.

The first was alienating and off-putting.  Learning technology was very much centre stage.The school’s pitch was how they would prepare our son for an insecure Labour force and global competition.  Hardly inspiring stuff.  Effectively their USP was:”We will prepare your child as cannon fodder for an increasingly harsh model of capitalism”. The second  school “pitch” was more rounded, child-centred and altogether more inspiring. We selected (fell for?) the latter’s marketing strategy.

Our son was due to start school in the Autumn.Before he starts the school becomes an Academy. I don’t believe there was any parental consultation or, perhaps, just not with “prospective” parents.  However it did not involve a sponsor so we were not too disturbed at…

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