First Ever Liver & Kidney Transplants from HIV Positive Donor to HIV Positive Patients


HIV-Transplants-1 Dr. Dorry Segev, left, and Dr. Christine Durand answer questions about the first ever HIV-positive liver transplant in the world during a news conference.

When a Connecticut woman who was HIV-positive died earlier this month, her family decided to donate her organs to others who needed them.

Doctors in Maryland announced Wednesday that they performed two landmark, successful surgeries with her kidney and liver — transplanting the organs to HIV-positive patients.

Story via NPR

This is a big deal, because there continues to be an overall shortage of organs available for transplant, and people living with HIV have an increased risk of kidney and liver failure. Though HIV-positive organs will only go to recipients who have HIV, the ability to use these organs should help reduce the waiting time for all transplant candidates, HIV-positive or not, physicians say.

Dr. Dorry Segev, a transplant surgeon with the Johns Hopkins University School…

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