Neil Kinnock, in a Nutshell.


The longest-established taxi firm in Blackpool is called Streamline. They’ve been around forever, almost as long as the internal-combustion engine and since long before the days of radios. Streamline used to have call-boxes at various locations. The phone would ring, the driver of the first taxi on the rank would take the call and go to wherever his services were required.

Time went on and the major political parties began holding their annual conferences in Blackpool. With the politicians came the media. Television people famously like to have a drink or two, so they tend to use taxis. Independent Television News (ITN) entered into a contract with Streamline Taxis, whereby their personnel would be driven to the places they needed to be and would sign a docket for the fare. The account would be settled at the end of the conference.

One day, one of Streamline’s taxi-drivers received a call…

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