Brexit Would ‘Dim The Promise Of The Paralympic Flame’

Same Difference

A letter in yesterday’s Times from disabled politicians:

Sir, Four years ago Britain marvelled at the Paralympic Games in London. This summer, as we hand over the torch to Rio, we should feel confident that the rights and opportunities of disabled people are hardwired into our national life. Sadly, we do not believe that the Brexit campaign shares this commitment.

Boris Johnson may make light of European Union law and regulations, peddling myths about bunches of bananas, yet one person’s “red-tape” is another’s protection of their fundamental rights.

We have Britain’s membership of the EU to thank not just for steps forward in disabled-people’s rights and opportunities but also in relation to the prohibition of age discrimination, maternity rights, equal pay and ensuring our safety at work. We are all protected and our lives made better by the EU’s laws and regulations.

What the Leave campaign promises is a bonfire…

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