For the sake of the Left, Corbyn must go

Notes from a Broken Society

Like hundreds of thousands of Labour members and supporters, I voted for Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader a year ago.  I voted for Corbyn because I believed that he was the only candidate who would be willing to break out of the reactive, negative politics of his opponents and set out a real economic and social alternative, based on social justice and equality.  It was the opportunity to set the agenda, especially on economics; none of Corbyn’s opponents appeared to understand this.  They appeared united in a sort of moral and intellectual timidity, unwilling to challenge the fundamentals of austerity economics, and apparently unaware that austerity is a political, not an economic, project.  And it was about electability; it seemed clear to me that the only way to build an electable party was to set the economic agenda, not to respond to the others.

I also regarded a vote for…

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