Life And Deaf- BBC 4, 9pm

Same Difference

Hands dancing in front of her, her face mobile and expressive, Tina is full flow – ignoring her husband who is tapping his fingers to get her attention. So when she explains how he needs to be the centre of attention, while she is “more reserved”, it’s hard not to laugh.

Despite their confidence and photogenic looks, it wasn’t hunger for the limelight that propelled the couple to star in an innovative documentary airing on BBC4. Subtitled without a soundtrack or narration, Life and Deaf follows four members of the St John’s Deaf Club as they go about their daily lives. All four are profoundly deaf and communicate using British Sign Language (BSL). Tina Costi and her husband, Marios, are expecting a baby – and waiting to see if it will follow the Costi family “tradition” of deaf sons and hearing daughters. Then there is Memnos, Marios’s football-mad brother…

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