So what has Jeremy Corbyn done wrong?

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What if anything has Jeremy Corbyn done wrong as Leader of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition?

Decreased Party Membership? No It’s shot up from 187,000 the day before the 2015 General Election to 450,000 now (60,000 of those coming post Brexit vote)


Lost council seats in 2016? Yes 18…but the Tories lost 48

Lost councils in 2016? No…..but the Tories lost 1

Lost Direct Mayors? No – 2 gains – one from Ind, one from Conservatives

Lost Police and Crime Commissioners? No – 3 gains


Poor performance in By-Elections?

Tooting 16th June 2016 – WON – Majority up by 6,357 compared to 2,842 for Sadiq Kahn the previous Labour MP for the area.

Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough – WON – Share of the vote UP 6%

Ogmore – WON – 52% of the vote

Oldham – WON – 62.3% of the vote


Poor performance in Parliament?


Government U-Turns on a…

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