Being Queer in Nigeria

Pride Matters

By: Jmarkphilip
Twitter: @IMarkphilip


Growing up I had been a little bit perplex about my desires for boys, unlike most gay guys who might have either been confused or scared, I wasn’t. I was hard desiring for the hard palms of a man, listening to the melody of his deep coarse voice and being in the embrace of his broad shoulders. I was only surprised at my desires but I liked it. I knew I was different, I understood the fact that I might be alone in this but I didn’t care, I rejoiced at the idea that I was unique, that I was different. But deep down I felt this way only because I saw my craving as just a phase, a storming tide that would soon disappear.


The family play, had always been our game of amusement when we were much younger, for obvious reasons I would always…

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