What advice would you give on coming out?

Pride Matters

Part one


Coming out can be hard to do, so I asked everyone what advice would they give to someone?

@MotorizedMillie says

Never be ashamed to live in and speak your own truth

@DCHomos says

Make sure it’s on your own terms. Make sure you’re ready. Don’t be afraid. You are not alone.

Wear sunscreen.

Which prompted @2B_Painfree to say

Always wear sunscreen…try #bluelizard bottle changes color 😉

@BatCaveFreak thinks you should

Tell friends first. You should have a support system before you tell your parents just in case something goes wrong.

@gaywad5000 says

coming out will show you who your true friends are.

@GeekNStereo thinks

Make sure you have someone who is supportive, on standby to call if you need to decompress and breathe

@JudsonK217 says

Don’t ever be ashamed of being yourself, be proud.

@slothsrights advice’s
If you can’t bring yourself to say what you need in person…

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