CORBYN 4 PM! 88% of our readers want Jezza to be in charge [POLL RESULTS]

Ann Narkeh Media

For the last week, The Occupied Sun has been running a poll on social media to determine who would make the best (or least worst) Prime Minister.

On both fedbook and twitter, 88% of our readers voted for Jeremy Corbyn.


The poll was started on twitter, where 104 people voted. Michael McNeill @CDRMcNeil tweeted to let us know that he had somehow accidentally voted for #TwoFacedTheresa.

Somehow, Andrea Leadsom managed to get a vote. We’re assuming that the votes for ‘a Blairite’ were also accidents, or some sort of joke:


On fedbook, 95 people took part. In typical capitalist style, the full results are locked unless you upgrade to a ‘premium package’ (which I’m not going to do on principle).

I was however able to extract this pie chart for your edification:


5% voted for a Progressive Electoral Alliance and 5% for None of The Above. A number…

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