Poll shows Labour MP’s must back Corbyn or face exodus

UKI Left

The results of our poll taken this past Friday on our social network pages have thrown up some perhaps predictable but stark statistics.

We will present the results in just one moment, don’t skip past just yet because we wanted to give a quick commentary on the Green Party. The reason will become clear as you read the results of the poll.

Prior to and during the election, everyone knows that the Greens had a successful ‘Green Surge’. It perhaps wasn’t as large as they had hoped but it was still significant, everything looked rather good for the future. Then though the election passed and history shows that Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party. How that must have stuck in the throats of the Green Party politicians. Here was perhaps the most left-leaning Labour leader to grace that position in recent times, arguably ever.

There is little doubt…

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