Labour and Entryism – three questions

Notes from a Broken Society

Tom Watson and Jeremy Corbyn appear to be at war over the former’s claim that there has been some infiltration of the Labour Party by the old Left – along the lines of Militant – who are influencing new and especially younger members; Jeremy Corbyn’s camp is dismissing it as nonsense, relying on the claim that with 300,000 new members in the Party it’s not credible to talk of mass entryism – put crudely, there just aren’t enough Trots to cause a surge of this size.

For me, this response begs three questions that aren’t being answered at all in the debate.

First, it’s certainly not the case that there are hundreds of thousands of exiled Leftists waiting to lead Labour to a glorious Socialist future. Of course the new members come from the widest range of political and social backgrounds.  But that isn’t really the point, and it’s not…

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