Owen Jones Has An Epiphany, Figures Out The Root Of Jeremy Corbyn’s Appeal

Semi-Partisan Politics

Labour Party - Labour Leadership - 2015

Owen Jones has an epiphany: centrist Labour MPs are responsible for the rise of Jeremy Corbyn

One of the annoying things about being part of Britain’s marginalised political blogging community (see what I did there?) is the regular insult of seeing ideas first expounded on this blog being subsequently “appropriated” by high profile, celebrity journalists who come late to the party and then claim all the credit (and pageviews) for ideas that they did not originate.

I stay up late into the night ranting sometimes (I hope) semi-original analysis into WordPress, and then three months later some SW1-dweller pops up on the Sky News paper review making the same point as though it is astonishingly fresh insight, getting paid for being late to the party and taking all of the credit.


Meanwhile, on a completely unrelated note, Owen Jones has worked out that Jeremy Corbyn did not sweep to…

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