Taking part in the IDEAL Research Study

Which me am I today?

IDEAL – Improving Dementia Enhancing Active Life

Tuesday saw a visit from Holly from the York Research team. The IDEAL project is a study I’m taking part in with Gemma and it was time for our second visit, 1 year after the first.

The idea behind the study is looking at how people live well with memory problems – what makes it possible to live well and what causes hassle – getting a whole family view – over a 3 year period.
It covers everything around what is living well – relationships and day to day activities – self esteem – absolutely anything and everything.

1 Year on, me and Gemma will have another 2 visits, each lasting about 2 hours each. It’s being run by the University of Exeter. The only hilarious thing about this is that I have no recollection of the first visit – luckily Gemma does!…

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