Homelessness In Leicester & HIV: Information for Leicester City Council’s Homeless Consultation.


Homelessness in Leicester Homelessness in Leicester

Leicester City Council is consulting on five proposals to re-configure our homeless services to ensure the most vulnerable receive the support they need.

Around one in three people living with HIV have experienced poverty, leaving the vulnerable to housing problems and homelessness.  HIV is a complex condition, affecting many areas of someone’s life. Understanding how to assess housing needs for someone living with HIV requires a good knowledge of these complexities.

People living with HIV need to keep strictly to their treatment regime which is known as adherence.  Being adherent is not just about taking pills every day, it is about taking them in the right way (for example, with or without food, depending on the medicine) and at the right time. At least 95% adherence to treatment is needed to avoid HIV developing drug resistance. This means that if someone is taking once-daily treatments, they can…

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