ESA Reassessment U-Turn Is A Small Victory But The Fight Goes On

Same Difference

Says Frances Ryan in Saturday’s Guardian.

It has finally happened: the government has announced it will scrap the retesting of chronically ill and disabled benefit claimants.

Instead of being forced to prove their illness or disability every six months, many will now continue to receive the out-of-work sickness benefit, employment support allowance (ESA), automatically. The exact beneficiaries of the policy are still to be decided – criteria will be drawn up with health professionals – but it is thought thousands will qualify, including people with severe Huntington’s, autism or a congenital heart condition.

It’s difficult to comprehend what this means for the ill and disabled put through the system or indeed, the sheer scale of suffering that has led us to this point. Two years ago it was discovered that more than a third of people with degenerative conditions – some of the very people who may now finally be…

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