Thanks Mr Green, but we want more than token gestures and political opportunism

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519670The work and pensions secretary has announced that those people with severe, lifelong conditions will no longer face six-monthly reassessments.

Employment support allowance will now continue automatically for those who have lifelong, severe health conditions with no prospect of improvement, according to Damian Green.

However, the retesting of chronically ill or disabled people for another key disability benefit – personal independence payments – is to remain, and thousands with unchanging or degenerative conditions are preparing to be put through that pointless assessment again.

I can’t help wondering how “chronic” and “degenerative” will be defined and decided. It’s unclear as to the full scope of medical conditions which will be made exempt from repeat assessments, but the criteria will be drawn up by “health professionals. There were no details provided about who these “health professionals” will be. Many  people have no faith whatsoever in the medical judgments of the assessors themselves…

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