Is the Islamic World Facing Up to Its Rising HIV Problem?



Despite strict rules against promiscuity, homosexuality, drug use and sex work, the Islamic world is nevertheless – and perhaps as a result – facing up to a growing HIV problem.

When the HIV epidemic hit in the 1980s, governments in the Islamic world declared their countries were immune from the “Western” virus because of religious and cultural values shunning pre-marital sex while encouraging faithfulness. They were partly correct; this way of life resulted in a very low HIV prevalence. For years, many Muslim leaders denied the existence of HIV within their borders, until they could no longer.

Article By Max Daly via VICE

In most parts of the world HIV infections and deaths from Aids have been falling, even in southern and eastern Africa, where more than half of the global HIV population lives. New drugs to prevent infection and lessen the impact of the virus on the body have blunted…

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