Food Banks Gear up for Christmas.

Ipswich Unemployed Action.

Food Banks are an emotional subject.

There is no doubt that people use them out of necessity.

There is little doubt that those running them have good intentions and work hard at what they do.

But having to ask for what is not a benefit of right, but what is ultimately a favour, is not an easy thing to do.

Nor is the prospect of having to live on the basics they offer appealing.

The ‘umble classes, and this Blog, like something “tasty” from time to time.

Whether that includes a bacon sarnie, wagon-wheels, Cornish ice-cream, a massive pizza, or wild boar cooked in truffles with a bottle of SaintÉmilion (our own choice) should be up to us, not to a Food Bank.

The government’s idea of ‘Food bank jobcentres‘ is even less attractive.

Some Food Banks (see below) also have a religious element.

This seems to…

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