​The fight for Equal age of consent in the UK

Pride Matters

When The Sexual Offences Act: 1967* was implemented on the recommendation of The Wolfeden Committee in 1957 the age of consent for homosexual sex had been set at twenty-one. Evidently, from the outset the new enthusiastic gay right campaigners were already fighting for equality to lower it to sixteen, the age of consent for heterosexual sex.
In 1979 a Home Office report recommended that the homosexual age of consent be lowered, and come into line with heterosexual. It was part of a report that suggested the age of consent was far too high anyway. The internal report wasn’t acted upon for fifteen years, despite a cross section of MP’s backing calls for the alteration.

John Major’s conservative government acted in 1992.

Edwina Currie brought forward the amendment to the bill, to equalize the age of consent to sixteen.

Currie was a wise choice to use as she sent a clear…

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