Misconceptions about the meaning of “research”

Which me am I today?

I was recently at an event where a member of the public posed the following question during a Q&A session: I didn’t record the exact wording but it went something like this:

“Research is all very well, but we need to find ways of preventing it”

I wasn’t quick enough to say. – ‘But that is research’

This has kept in my mind because all too often I find that people have a misconception of the word ‘research’. This is why, in the past, I’ve suggested the use of the word ‘involvement’ when trying to recruit volunteers.

Many people associate ‘research’ simply with clinical trials. They associated it with being Guinea pigs for new drugs and are therefore often suspicious of the money being spent on ‘research’.
Finding new ways to do anything – be it medication, how to care, how to prevent, how to live with – all falls…

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