Anatomy of a disaster: Labour after Copeland and Stoke

Notes from a Broken Society

After the by-elections, the comment on the state of Labour.  For the Labour Party – which won Stoke and lost Copeland – the very fact that its, rather than the Tories’, performance was the focus of attention ought to be bad enough, given that the Government is in clear disarray over Brexit.  But there is, in Labour circles, an apparent climate of excuse-mongering this morning that does nobody – not least the people that Labour should be speaking for – any favours.

First, Labour needs to realise that Stoke was every bit as bad a result as Copeland.  Talk about seeing off UKIP is, quite obviously, premature.  The fact is that, despite the UKIP candidate, Paul Nuttall, having his credibility destroyed as his political track-record was held up to media scrutiny, UKIP increased its vote – by around two percentage points – and Labour’s fell by the same…

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