My little piece of solitude……..

Which me am I today?

How often do we stop and just enjoy the things around us?

When I was on the train the other day I wanted to press pause and take photos of the wonderful views out of the window. But blink and they’re gone. As we sped past I saw my first lambs in the field but in a second they were gone.

Life can race passed you without you realising it’s happening. The one place where I feel relaxed and at a slower pace is in the garden. When I’m out there it’s as though time slows down. It’s calm and it’s peaceful – perfect. I’ve even got a ‘Billy’ permanently out there to keep me company….

Even out in the garden I’ve had to come up with things to help. I did go flying up the steps in the back garden when I first moved in so now I’ve painted…

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