A statement from Len McCluskey’s campaign


As most readers will know, incumbent Len McCluskey and challenger Gerard Coyne are fighting a battle for the Unite General Secretary’s position. There is also a 3rd candidate, Ian Allinson, but he is not regarded as a serious contender by most.

mccluskeyThis author is a proud member of Unite and has paid close attention to the campaigns of both main candidates. I can honestly say that McCluskey has fought a principled, statesmanlike campaign and has a vision not just for Unite but for the country that is desperately needed.

Coyne, on the other hand, has taken the low road of smear tactics and his plans for the union betray a Trump-like insularity that ignores the fact that Unite does not exist in a vacuum but affects and is affected by the wider situation. He appeals to small-mindedness and defeatism. His campaign is also involved in what appears to be a

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