Civil war brewing between Progress and Labour First?


The SKWAWKBOX has long treated Progress and Labour First as virtually one and the same – as indeed they are, as far as their antipathy toward Jeremy Corbyn and his vision for the Labour Party are concerned.

But it appears that all is not peaceful behind the scenes, with the key area of conflict centred on different underlying attitudes toward the EU and Brexit – and toward deputy Labour leader Tom Watson.

cywjimiw8aaabta1Tom Watson centre-stage at last year’s Labour First conference

The SKWAWKBOX had an astonishing telephone conversation today with a senior member of the Progress 100 club – the Progress ‘inner circle’ of wealthy supporters who pay substantial additional membership fees for privileged access.

The caller – who not surprisingly did not wish to be named – launched into a diatribe against Watson, then switched his fire unexpectedly – and brutally – to Labour First:

We’re taking the party back from…

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