Job-share ‘against Labour rules’ – how does that promote women’s involvement?


no jobshare.pngA follower of the SKWAWKBOX has contacted the blog with details of a situation of some concern. Her BLP (branch Labour party, a sub-group of the constituency Labour party or CLP) elected her to its executive as a joint-Secretary, because the candidates wanted to share the responsibility – which is not insignificant.

The CLP executive objected and referred the matter to the regional Labour HQ. On Friday, she received the following from the CLP Chair:

jobshare.pngIt appears Labour HQ considers that sharing a role on a branch or constituency ‘exec’ is a breach of the rules – one deserving of ‘further action’.

Labour has a stated aim of increasing the involvement of women at all levels, but banning a ‘job-share’ mitigates against the involvement of women, who are more likely to need shared roles because of family responsibilities.

The SKWAWKBOX would be surprised if the party’s position would stand…

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