Depression, what it is, and how to get help.


Depression by Tom Robson

Depression is a hard condition to live with, it’s subtle and those who never have the experience will perhaps never understand how greatly it affects the individual. Often it’s mistaken for being withdrawn, unapproachable or antagonistic, with no empathy for the person experiencing this ‘pain’.  This pain is  manifest as reduced abilities to communicate and interact at the same pace of other peers, yet what depressed people say and do, is merely a fraction of what they’re thinking.

There is no cure for depression and there is no point within recovery when you ‘know’ you’re over an episode of it. (And you never know when the next episode will begin).

There are several ideas about what causes depression. It can vary a lot between different people, and for some people a combination of different factors may cause their depression. Some find that they become depressed without any…

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