#TasP vs #PrEP


I have a few issues with treatment as prevention (TasP). More specifically I have issues with Public Health England trying to pass off the recent drop in HIV as predominantly due to TasP and other mutlifactorial approaches including more regular HIV testing. I have issue with this for several reasons. Here they are:
In the U.K. we have excellent free HIV care. We treat people living with HIV because we have to – otherwise we’d die. Simples. But when I start seeing bodies like PHE tagging substantial drops in HIV to TasP over PrEP my bullshit alert goes into overdrive. We have to treat people living with HIV or we’d die, I’ve said that already but how convenient is it for people managing budgets to then attribute drops in diagnoses to this ‘treatment’ – VERY! If you can spin this shit you remove the need for an appropriate prevention budget/spend…

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