#ChickenMay runs away – as anything else will hurt her #GE17


Theresa May’s failure to emerge into the spotlight under anything but the most stage-managed of circumstances is starting to draw attention. As well it should, given the storming start to his campaign made by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. There’s something almost Pythonesque about Mrs May and her party’s failure to engage in anything even remotely resembling a ‘free speech’ environment:


Theresa May’s campaign launch in Bolton was intensely stage-managed, even down to the angles permitted to TV cameras – but even that couldn’t prevent it being dire, dry and uninspiring. As the WirralinitTogether blog observed, she even had to bus in Tory councillors from miles away just to fill the space behind her:

may bolton wallaseyAnd even they looked bored to death.

May is depending on the media helping her divert attention from the fact that she only appears in artificial, controlled settings – but some have already started to break ranks…

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