Corbyn’s NHS pay pledge is a lifeline for all of us, not just health staff #GE2017


Labour’s newly-announced pledge to remove the NHS pay cap and reinstate the bursary for nursing students is that rarest of things – a promise from a party leader who can be trusted and that’s exactly in line with his principles.

It’s also a desperately needed lifeline for hard-pressed health staff who have spent the last seven years desperately trying to prevent the NHS collapsing while the Tories hacked the ground from beneath their feet and thanked them by reducing their real-terms pay-packets with a derisory 1% pay rise if they were lucky.

Every year.

busy nurse.pngOf course, Tories and their predictable media glove puppets are immediately pouring water on the promise and asking how it’s going to be paid for – taking us all for fools.

There’s always cash for corporate tax cuts.

There’s always cash for nukes.

There’s always cash for inheritance-tax cuts and high-speed rail lines that…

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