Theresa May’s ‘preventing tourism’ is NOT her first tongue-slip of campaign


tank on lawnAn actual tank on an actual lawn

On Tuesday in Wales, Theresa May told her specially-invited audience that she wants the UK to become,

world leaders in preventing tourism.

Since a large part of the Welsh economy depends on tourism, this was a significant gaffe. Presumably she meant ‘terrorism’. If only she meant ‘toryism’.

Those media outlets that have reported the ‘foot in mouth’ moment have tended to refer to it as the first slip of the tongue of her campaign, but this is completely untrue. A week ago she committed a far longer and more nonsensical slip when she said she would be:

out there campaigning, in every part of the United Kingdom

when clearly what she meant to say was,

I’ll appear in a handful of private clubs and factories where the employees have been told not to talk to anyone about my speech.

Which is quite a…

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