#ConservativesConfess: “we’ve made life much harder – and hidden it” #GE17


Tory HQ (CCHQ) has clearly been very busy churning out fake news about Labour’s manifesto. Too busy to put any thought into costing their manifesto – which is vague in everything except its most dangerous parts – or even to give rudimentary training to its main spokesman in how not to look an idiot under a bit of basic probing.

double facepalm.jpgSo busy, in fact, that they’ve been accidentally letting the truth slip out in some of their messaging. Freudian slip – or a ‘CONservative confession’, if you prefer.

Such as this tweet, which is dripping with so much unconscious irony that it should be wearing a wetsuit:

conconYes, that’s right. The Tories – in power for the last seven years – just admitted that life under their government is very hard. And, effectively, that they’ve been keeping that fact obscured from public knowledge.

In essence, the Tories tweeted an

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