Desperate Tories insult terror victims with lies about #shoottokill #GE17


The SKWAWKBOX has shown the Conservatives routinely lying about their Labour opponents and Labour’s leader Jeremy Corbyn in their attempts to retrieve their disastrous campaign.

But the Tories sank to a new low today when they propagated a known lie about Corbyn’s position on ‘shoot to kill’ in terror situations:

tory lie stk.png

As SKWAWKBOX follower Danielle pointed out so promptly, the Tories are referring to a video interview between Corbyn and the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg – an interview for which she was found guilty by the BBC Trust of bias and inaccuracy:

lk-guardMs Kuenssberg asked Corbyn one question and then voiced over it so he appeared to be answering a different question, giving a completely false impression, as the Guardian article made clear:

guardian bbc trust.pngThe Tories, of course, are fully aware of this – and are showing utter contempt for the memories of those who died in Manchester and London, for those…

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