IDS: “here’s what we’re trying to get away with in #ToryManifesto” #GE17


Ian Duncan Smith became the latest in a long line of Tories to suffer consecutive ‘car-crashes’ in the national media over the weekend, joining the hapless likes of Michael Fallon (x3), Philip Hammond (x2) and, of course, Theresa May – who, among other things, forgot where she was, boasted about being a world leader in preventing tourism and later got herself reported to the police for breaking electoral law on television.

As the SKWAWKBOX covered this morning, Smith let slip on Radio 4 the huge admission that he and Theresa May both knew the Tories had watered down Labour’s anti-terror legislation – and then let it slide for years, making the country more vulnerable to terrorist attack.

But on Saturday, he warmed up by means of a classic ‘Freudian slip’ – meaning to say one thing but inadvertently telling the truth. And it is a classic, as Ealing Labour for…

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