Plays, Assisted Suicide And Facebook Groups- The Ouch Podcast

Same Difference

This podcast contains discussions about suicide. If you are struggling at the moment, you may choose to leave this episode for another day.

Why are so many students dropping out of university due to mental health problems? And what’s so great about disability-focused private Facebook groups? Comedian and mental health campaigner Juliette Burton, and TV personality Mik Scarlet, take us through the stories grabbing their attention on social media this month with good humour and the benefit of their personal experience. (A transcript will appear shortly.)

“I can’t face another winter with multiple sclerosis,” said Colin, in a TV interview about plans to end his life at a Swiss clinic. Rona Tynon, a fellow person with MS, was watching. Realising he lived locally, she tracked Colin down and convinced him to halt the process. They have since become friends.

In an emotional conversation for everyone around the table, Colin and…

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