6 desperation-tactics #Labour insiders expect the right to use now


Labour insiders have drawn up a report on the likely tactics that right-wingers – inside and outside the party – will use in a desperate attempt to negate the huge groundswell of support for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour and vision.

tactics.png“Forewarned is forearmed”, so the SKWAWKBOX has obtained details of these smear and scorched-earth tactics so that readers can be ready to recognise and call out these tactics when they see them appear – or, even better, so the right knows they’re going to be recognised and ridiculed for even attempting them.

Right-wing commentators, ‘centrist’ media supporters and so-called Labour ‘moderates’ have already been using the ‘no one saw it coming‘ excuse to try to regain credibility that was shredded by their completely-inaccurate predictions of the General Election result, even though the SKWAWKBOX and others had told them it was coming weeks before polling stations opened.

These six steps represent…

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