Tories don’t think #MayDup govt can stand – advertising for #GE17_2 staff


The Tories are stumbling through the charade of trying to get their ‘thin gruel’ Queen’s Speech through Parliament.

First they scraped a narrow win against Corbyn’s amendment to actually stop making police, firefighters, doctors, nurses and other public servants poorer.

That was closely followed by a panicked decision to fund abortions for Northern Irish women, threatening the very fabric of their agreement with the fiercely anti-abortion DUP.

But it seems it is nothing but a charade.

Even if they get through the remaining amendments without a collapse, it appears the Tories are not expecting their ‘weak and wobbly’ – not to mention morally bankrupt – government to survive very long.

And they’re already advertising for staff to fight a new General Election.

New job ads have gone up on the Conservatives’ website as CCHQ search – presumably frantically – for someone (quite a few someones, in fact) to help them…

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