Anatomy of candidate-rigging: #Hackney councillor selections


hackney th.pngReports have reached the SKWAWKBOX from all over the country of right-wing rigging of the selection of Labour candidates for council elections – with the LCF (Local Campaign Forum), the Labour organisational body responsible for overseeing local candidate applications, at the heart of the issue.

Similar problems have been reported from one end of the country to the other, but the situation in Hackney – which has been reported by members from both the CLPs (constituency Labour parties) covered by the borough-wide LCF, Hackney North and Hackney South – makes a case-study that will allow members in any area to educate themselves about the kind of tricks Labour right-wingers are pulling in order to retain control of councils.

And, of course, of councillors’ allowances and in some cases salaries.

1) LCF composition

The Hackney LCF consists of a majority of right-leaning members, but there is one who is pro-Corbyn. This…

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