Emails show pro-Corbyn 16yo elected as Conference delegate – then blocked


A sorry tale has reached the ears of this blog about the abysmal treatment of a sixteen-year-old Labour member by the Don Valley CLP (constituency Labour party) of ‘moderate’ MP Caroline Flint.

This young member – who has been a member of the Labour Party since she was fourteen – was eager to go as a delegate to Labour’s annual Conference in Brighton in September. She stood, and was duly selected, to go as the CLP’s ‘youth delegate’.

And then, after thanking her for being willing to go, the CLP ‘executive’ blocked her from going – after she had already booked and paid.

The SKWAWKBOX has obtained emails sent to this young lady by the CLP Chair and Secretary that show the train of events. The first two emails concern the fact that she will self-fund – as the exec claims the CLP can only afford to fund one delegate…

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