Hammond admits Cabinet split and scrapping over #Brexit


On the BBC’s Marr Show this morning, Chancellor Philip Hammond made an all-too-typical slip when he was asked whether there is a fight for the leadership of the Tory party.

In attempting to deny it, he admitted that Brexit is the last straw that the government is clinging to in order to avoid a fall – and that there is a deep split in the Cabinet that must threaten the ability of that straw to hold up a floundering and incompetent weight:

Not only is the Cabinet split, but its members are actively fighting for control and briefing against each other, as Hammond also admits.

More than ever, there can be not the slightest thought on the part of any Labour MP of co-operating with the Tories to mitigate their Brexit debacle. Let them fight like cats in a sack, stinking of their own mess.

And do everything possible to…

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