#Blair tries to undermine Corbyn – by NOT rubbishing him #Newsnight


blair evilIt seems the penny has finally dropped and Tony Blair has realised that every time he tries to rubbish Jeremy Corbyn, Corbyn’s popularity goes up.

So now in a Newsnight interview with Ian Katz on now, he’s trying a new tack – damning Corbyn by not damning him – presumably in the hope that some of his own toxicity will rub off. You can’t exactly call it praise, more a grudging admission that Corbyn might become PM, if only because ‘these days anything could happen’.

But the far bigger penny seems as far from dropping as ever:

Any time Tony Blair says anything about Corbyn, Corbyn’s popularity is likely to rise – because Blair opening his mouth is an automatic invitation to compare Blair’s innate untrustworthiness with Corbyn’s obvious authenticity.

And there’s only one winner in that equation – even if Blair can’t bring himself to stop clinging to…

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