Right-winger’s four-letter chip-shop outburst against left-wing Lab MP


rw abuse.pngAn amusing but startling account has reached the SKWAWKBOX of an expletive- and irony-laden outburst that took place early today in a Brighton chip-shop aimed at a leading left-wing Labour MP.

At around 4am, the director of a well-known right-wing ‘Labour’ faction must have been feeling peckish as he appeared in a chip shop not too far from the Brighton Centre where Labour’s annual conference is taking place.

The individual concerned, who has recently claimed anyone responsible for supposed abuse against a well-known, Tory-inclined BBC journalist should be kicked out of the Labour party and has made allegations of abuse by left-wingers against so-called ‘centrist’ MPs, launched into a remarkable tirade when he found a couple of left-wing Labour staff ahead of him in the queue.

Umaar Kazmi, who works as a case-worker for Labour front-bencher Chris Williamson, told the SKWAWKBOX:

It was about 4am and I’m in the chip…

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