DWP Tried To Con PIP Inquiry

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With many thanks to Benefits And Work.


The DWP have attempted to mislead the work and pensions select committee over the accuracy of PIP and ESA decisions.

In a document entitled ‘Work and Pensions Select Committee PIP and ESA Assessments inquiry: Supporting Statistics’ the DWP argue that only “A small proportion of decisions are overturned at MR [mandatory reconsiderations] or appeal”.

The document presents figures showing that only 4% of PIP decisions and 3% of ESA decisions are overturned at mandatory reconsideration.

What the document fails to explain is that many claimants are prevented from requesting a mandatory reconsideration in the first place, because call centre staff repeatedly mislead claimants by telling them:

You are not allowed to request a mandatory reconsideration by phone, you must do so in writing;

You must have new medical evidence before you can ask for a mandatory reconsideration.

Neither of these statements is…

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