Former Wirral Council Director of Law Bill Norman Resigns from Cheshire East Council

Wirral In It Together

12 12 17 - bill norman - my bald lawyerFormer Wirral Council Director of Law, Bill Norman, has resigned from Cheshire East Council following the suspension of himself and two fellow senior officers.

No pay off we assume, but crucially, no disciplinary measures and no public accountability either… as usual.  Knowing his history, maybe this gamer and journeyman has been busy looking for something else during the downtime?

If the bulging sacks of cash and growing pension pot he’s amassed during his journey from Torbay to Wirral to Hereford to Cheshire East were not quite enough to cover the mortgage and the lifestyle, then maybe we’ll see him being welcomed into his next well-remunerated senior public sector or “charity” role very soon?

And if we’re wrong, and setting himself up for the future was not the reason for bailing out, presumably somebody in the know on the inside has tipped Norman off as to what form of redress…

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