Vid: May saying Hammond never blamed disabled for productivity – and him saying it


In Prime Minister’s Questions this afternoon, Green MP Caroline Lucas referred to Chancellor Philip Hammond’s statement to the Treasury Select Committee about the supposed impact of disabled people in the workplace on national productivity.

Calling it ‘extraordinary’ and without evidence – and his failure to apologise ‘disgraceful’ – she asked Theresa May whether she was prepared to tell him to apologise.

May not only failed to tell Hammond to apologise, but denied that he had said any such thing.

Here’s a video showing May’s denial and what Hammond said, so you can decide whether May misled Parliament – which, under the ministerial code of conduct, is supposed to be a resignation offence:

If the Prime Minister misled Parliament, then it was either a brazen or a toweringly stupid act to do so on something that she must have known was available on video for anyone to check.

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