How Not To Talk To Brexiteers

Voice of TREASON

Source:How Not To Talk To Brexiteers

A view from the other side, well thought through. However,  two points to note.

1. While the author talks rationally, he still divides the world into two, Remainers and Brexiters. We know that it’s more nuanced; regardless of how people voted the world is better represented by 5 groups, 10% each strongly brexit/remain, 30% each uncommitted and unsure that did the right thing and 20% in the middle who genuinely don’t know, don’t care or don’t want to get involved. There’s a 6th group too. Strong remainers who were excluded because it was apparently an advisory vote – 16/17 year olds and ex pats.

2. He’s looking for concensus for a binary decision where there is little concensus to find. We’re either IN or OUT. Some argue for a Norway style middle ground but it’s mostly regarded as the worst of both worlds…

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