“The best AIDS show in town!” Report from the BANG BUS – World AIDS Day Special

ACT UP London

“Brilliant fun and wonderfully spontaneous. A fun and friendly whirl through traffic in a magic created world upon an open topped bus with laughter, joy and magic. Onlookers were seduced into viewing into an alternative world view whilst being reminded of a continuous and painful struggle. AIDS is not over was a clear message as well as the importance of preserving NHS HIV services and finally the duty for us all, collectively, to honour our past history with HIV/AIDS as a nation. We must create a tribute to HIV in London. It was the best AIDS show in town!” Ash Kotak

About the BANG BUS – World AIDS Day Special

On Saturday November 25th an open-topped double-decker bus draped in ‘Hands off Our NHS’ and ‘Tories Don’t Die of Ignorance’ drove around Soho as an immersive theatrical anti-stigma bus-tour journeying through the decades and…

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