German Meat Mafia: No 1 in the world !!

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Animal Rights Watch activists released gruesome footage of the systematic killing of small piglets

It is a sight that is hard to bear. Animal rights activists from “Animal Rights Watch” (ARIWA)publish footage from a pig farm in Brandenburg. In the most brutal way, coworkers kill small, defenseless piglets with one hit on the ground, sometimes right in front of their mothers (Video).

The employees systematically go through the rows, picking out the little piglets and hitting them several times on the floor, against edges or steel bars. Some are not dead immediately, twitching and whining. Nevertheless, they end up in a ton and are transported away. In some cases, they are even simply left in the box.

Ferkel auf Fäkalien laufendjpgA little piglet runs in a steel over his dead and abandoned conspecifics.

The pigs are not really sick, but for the operation only a cost factor. The breed is not financially…

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