More Than 100,000 Claimants Will Get £1Billion Of Backpay As DWP’s Bill For ESA Error Explodes

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More than 100,000 sick and disabled people will be paid £1BILLION of benefits they were denied after the bill for a government blunder exploded.

The scandal was first exposed last year, but today it emerged the number of victims – and the bill to taxpayers – have both soared.

The fault was first thought to have shortchanged 70,000 Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) claimants over seven years.

But Tory ministers now admit the total number of people who could be owed money has more than doubled to 180,000. And the estimated back payments bill has risen from £340million to £970million.

The sum puts huge strain on government finances just a day after leaked plans emerged to spend hundreds of millions of pounds improving six-in-one benefit Universal Credit.

Struggling sick and disabled people lost out by around £5,000 each in the blunder – with some owed £20,000.

The bill has partly…

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